The whole team is here!

The whole team is here!

This week the last package of skates arrived! There are still a few small packages on the way for the late-comers, but everyone who joined on 30 March now have their skates. On Tuesday, we ran a small extra training for those who had just received the equipment, or had only been to 1-2 training sessions, to make sure that everyone has been through the very basics of stopping and falling. This week will be the first training session with the full team.

What is a full team at Andøya Roller Derby?

30 amazing fresh meat!

That’s right, folks! 3/4 of everyone who showed up at the kick-off has joined. 30 women have taken the leap and decided that roller derby is the sport for them. In two short months we have grown from an idea and a desire, to a pretty big sports team!

We are super excited to see what the next year will bring!