How can I help?
It looks like fun, but I don't really want to skate.
What does it mean to be in a Roller Derby league?
Join as a player

So you wanna play Roller Derby? Great!

Who can join?

Roller Derby fits for everyone over 18 years who want to train, and who're not afraid to challenge themselves. That means the following:

  • No, we don't have an upper age limit! Active, skilled players can be found in all age groups. But YOU need to decide what your body can handle.
  • No, you don't have to be super fit or have the "perfect" body to play! In Roller Derby, players can excel regardless of their body size and type. We appreciate your strength, your speed and your guts, and we'll harness it together.

In Roller Derby, the majority of teams are women's teams, but there are a growing number of men's and co-ed teams, also in Norway. For now Andøya Roller Derby only has a women's team, but that can change if the interest among men is present.

What do I have to know?

Never skated before? Been a while? No problem! All new players (and that includes most of us!) will go through a 12 week training program to learn what's known as minimum skills. You can download a complete list of these here. They are mainly about making you safe and comfortable on your skates, and giving you a good foundation for learning to play Roller Derby, and these must be completed before anyone can participate in bouts or scrimmage.

What do I need?

To participate in training sessions, you need a complete set of Roller Derby equipment. The gear must be well suited for Roller Derby, and we reccomend that you buy your gear from a shop that knows what they're doing, or ask someone in the league for advice. You can find gear in many different price ranges, and you do not have to buy the most expensive one. But know that very cheap skate packages are often not made with Roller Derby in mind, without the option of changing wheels and toe stops. This will get difficult and expensive very quickly.

Protection with soft padding is also not suited. 

To participate, you need:

  • Suitable quad roller skates, with toe stops that don't leave a mark on the floor
  • Helmet, preferably one that is multi-impact certified
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Mouth guard (we recommend sisu or another perforated type)

We recommend:

  • Wheels with hardness 88A - 93A. This also depends on your weight, but 88A or 90A will often be well suited for beginners. Harder wheels than 93A can be slippery on the floor we skate on.
  • Gumball, Snyder, Moonwalker or some other toe stop that doesn't leave a mark on the floor. Bigger toe stops will often be better for beginners.
  • Sisu mouth guard, or some other perforated, heat-moldable mouth guard.

Does this sound a bit overwhelming? Contact one of our training committee or trening(at) if you have any questions, and we'll be happy to help you find something that works for you. We also have sponsorship deals with  Ragnaråkk and for members, and they will give you excellent help in choosing your gear.

Join as a ref

You can have as many players as you want on a team, but it's no help whatsoever without refsd! Have a look at any Roller Derby bout, and you'll see nearly as many refs as players. A lot happens during a bout, and you need skilled refs who're quick on their feet - and head! - to keep on top of it all.

Roller Derby refing is perfect for you if 

  • you think the game looks like fun and want to join, but you can't/don't want to join as a player
  • you want to skate, or at the very least you don't mind it

Refs also need skate training, and join the players for the minimum skills freshie training.


Join as an NSO

Non Skating Offcials (NSO) work with the refs to keep the bout running on track and off, and are essential to ever having bouts. As an NSO you need to know the game,  but if you don't want to skate, this is the job for you!

The tasks of an NSO include

  • Timing everything, pretty much, including
    • The length of jams 
    • How long players are in the penalty box
  • Keeping track of penalties 
  • Paying attention to which players are on the track and their position
  • Taking down points

And about a million more things.

NSOs and refs in Roller Derby are not just support personnel. They are just as much a part of the team and the community as the players!

Support our league!

We love and need our community!

If you want to support us, you can join us in all sorts of volunteering for bouts, or you can help us financially.

A good option is to become a non-active member of the league. This will allow you to attend our annual meetings, get discounts on merchandise and bout tickets, and let you tell us you love us in a big way. To become a member, you can transfer the membership fee of 100 NOK  to our bank account,  1503.74.92733. Or you can use Vipps! Please include information about your name, phone number, and birth date and year.

Another good way of supporting us is giving us your Grasrotandel, using the information below.